Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Is this the little boy I carried?

In just 12 days, Ryan moves to Austin to begin his college adventure. I'm so proud, so excited...

...and so very sad. Since when do they allow babies to enroll in college? He can't possibly be old enough to leave home!

Of course, my excitement and eager anticipation for him far outweigh my blues, but this "letting go" stuff is not for the weak. I'm filled with self-doubt (Did we teach him too little? Did we spoil him too much?), but mostly, I'm just dreading his absence. We kinda like having him around. It won't be the same without his thoughtful insights, his dry humor, his Survivor expertise.

As a distraction from my mom angst—and to celebrate Ryan reaching his goal to attend The University—I created this little tribute to our burnt-orange boy.

Go get 'em, Ryan, and HOOK 'EM, HORNS.