Thursday, November 01, 2018

NaBloPoMo 2018.

Another November, another National Blog Posting Month reminding me that I need to write—not for clicks or comments but for ME! I miss blogging. I miss having a place to store stories that go with the photos I’m sharing on Facebook and Instagram. I miss having a virtual scrapbook, a written history of our family’s events. And I really miss getting to stretch my own writing muscles now and then.

Brett is the professional writer in our family, but he has always been supportive of others’ writing endeavors, mine included. For his latest two books, the SNES Omnibus volumes 1-2, he invited gaming industry insiders to share their perspectives on their favorite Super Nintendo games. Because insider status was part of our pre-nup, Brett allowed me to contribute my own stories for each volume.

My entry for volume 1 is here. Brett’s sweet post about my essay (and Ryan’s, too!) is here.

I’m honored to be included in his books, to be alongside the other contributors—true insiders and experts. And what a thrill to be in a book written by my favorite author!