Thursday, January 31, 2008

There are worse things I could do...

In spite of my trepidation, turning 40 ain't so bad!

My day started with Kerbey Lane pancakes ("breakfast birthday cakes," as Brett called them):

Then, at the beginning of my conference period, in walks my sweet husband, bearing flowers. They really spruced up my desk:

After school we met at Razzoo's for dinner, where Katie wowed us with her mad Rat Toe eating skills:
(Ever had Rat Toes? They are HOT, HOT, HOT!)

And miracle of miracles, I ordered THIS:
(It was a long way from saltines and 7-Up, so I still had to take the whole solid foods thing easy, easy...)

The food was delicious:

My mom joined us:
and brought the orange and white cake:
Ryan's expression aside, turning 40 wasn't quite as scary as I thought it might be!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Three ministers walk into a sound booth...

Several of our HCC ministers showed their true colors Wednesday night when they found out that I'm celebrating a "big" birthday this week.

One minister, who shall remain nameless (because we have entrusted our children to him), at first was courteous, treading lightly around the subject of aging. But within moments, he just had to let it slip that he's about half my age! (Ouch!)

Then there was the minister, also remaining anonymous (because otherwise he'll call me out next time he's leading singing), who immediately began listing a litany of ailments sure to befall those of us entering our fourth decade of life. (I'll have to blame my aging eyes or arthritic hands next time the wrong lyrics show up on the big screens.)

But then there was the one minister who ever-so-sweetly asked, "You're turning 30, right?" Oh, such wisdom! Such grace! That MUST be why he's known as the "senior minister."

(Or maybe it's because he's used to dealing with us seniors?)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My, what a big number that is!

On Tuesday night, Nana and Papa hosted us for my birthday dinner. Nana made her amazing taco soup, and even though I wasn't feeling 100 percent, it was delicious and made the big birthday a little easier to handle.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

O Happy Day.

"You're blogging my baptism?"

Ryan was teasing me, but why wouldn't I blog about this great step? It's always been our prayer that he would decide to be a Christian. His baptism is an affirmation of his desire to follow Christ, and we couldn't be happier for him.

It was fun to see his PowerZone friends greet him after the baptism.

Of course, his family is just delighted, too!

We were glad Nana, Papa, Uncle Mike and Aunt Kelly could be at HCC for the big event.

With Jamba, our amazing children's minister

With Miss Talanda, one of his very first Bible school teachers

It was a happy, happy day—the day our son became our brother, too. (Or as Katie said, he's now her "uncle in Christ"!)

Back to school.

You're a starting quarterback in the NFL. You're a multi-millionaire with endorsements galore. Your face is even on Madden '08. But you made a promise to your mom, to yourself.

So you go back to school to finish your degree.

I'd read rumors of sightings in the "Six Pack" on the UT campus, but I just couldn't picture the superstar sitting in an intro psych class. How cool to find out he's really, truly enrolled, taking 15 hours this semester.

Reason #9,324 why I'm a Vince Young fan

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tapping the mommy market.

My friend Jennifer makes "mommy necklaces," and being ever so clever, she has devised a contest to bring potential customers to her website. It's brilliant marketing! You comment on her blog,, and you're entered to win a heart necklace. You link to her blog, and you get an additional entry. Some people have even created a blog to get to enter twice!

I'd love to win a necklace, but mostly I'm impressed with Jennifer's creativity and marketing genius!

So head on over there and enter yourself! Sure would make a great Valentine's gift for that special someone, even if that someone is yourself. Check out the other merchandise, too. She does great work!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


We just received this FANTASTIC review of Brett's book! It appeared in GameCulture Journal this month, and the reviewer must have amazing taste in literature. He has this to say about Brett's writing:

"Weiss’s deep familiarity with his chosen subject matter is an asset of the text, and as a writer he conveys information clearly and without pretension."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

RIP, Sam the Butcher.

Last Thursday, the world lost Allan Melvin, known to Brady fans as Sam the Butcher. A well-recognized character actor, he also appeared on numerous sitcoms like All in the Family, and he was the voice of Magilla Gorilla and a host of other animated characters. But beginning with "Sorry, Right Number" (the one with the pay phone), he appeared in eight Brady Bunch episodes, and for that, he will always have a special place in my heart!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Spirit of 76.

After Katie's basketball practice Friday night, we headed to Nana and Papa's house to celebrate Papa's birthday. With two basketball games and Nana and Papa's full schedule of social engagements on Saturday, we figured we should go ahead and celebrate a day early. Brett bought the red, white and blue cake, and we laughed that it was a patriotic way to represent 1776 on Papa's 76th birthday!

Happy birthday, Papa!

'Snow clouds.'

When I was in elementary school, the mere hint of snow in the forecast led our wild imaginations to predict school closings. A cold, overcast day let us think that surely those were snow clouds!

Friday night, as we drove through the cold night to Katie's basketball practice, I couldn't help but recall other frigid days in East Texas when clouds like these would get me dreaming of flurries, regardless of any meteorological truth.

Separate Ways.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This has been a good day.

Wednesday was Group Picture Day at school. By definition, the day after Group Picture Day is bound to be good. Being in charge of photographing 37 student groups as they parade through the auditorium at 10-minute intervals? Not so great. The day after? MUCH better.

So this Thursday was a good day at school, but when I got home, it got even better.

After dinner, Brett suggested the kids use some of the gingerbread cookie dough we'd never gotten around to baking at Christmas. Voila! Instant family fun!

The chilly weather combined with the gingerbread-in-the-oven aroma made for a cozy night in our happy little kitchen. I even got out my favorite Snoopy mug for some hot tea:

And on the back of that mug? A perfect summary:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hitting the pause button.

Katie: Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you for this world and universe and everything in this world and universe. Thank you... WAIT. Pause! (To me) How did those test results come out? No chemo?

See-Dub: No chemo!

Katie: Yea! (Resuming prayer) THANK YOU that she doesn't have to do chemo!


We are SO excited that our friend doesn't need chemo! After six weeks of radiation and then with five years of medication, her chance for the cancer recurring elsewhere in her body is just 7.5 percent. We prayed for a low number; we got a low number! Thank you, God, for taking care of our friend!

P.S. - Speaking of Katie's prayers, every single night she prays for Megann's family. Tonight she asked if it was OK to keep doing that, even though it's been so long (eight months) since we lost Megann. After I told her we could never pray enough for them, she said it's just become a habit to include them in her prayer--but she really does want God to take care of them! How precious is my girl?

Monday, January 14, 2008

My hope is built on nothing less...

A whole bunch of us have been praying for our friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer in November. She and her husband are facing this challenge armed with their unwavering faith, and I've learned so much from their strength, sense of humor, and openness. Already they've done more for ME than I could ever hope to do for THEM. I hope they know what an inspiration they've been!

We've been thrilled to celebrate their good news (early detection! clear margins! clear lymph nodes! four out of five "favorable" prognostic indicators!), but we've also been honored to pray with them as they face whatever's next. This week, the "next" is their meeting with her oncologist.

Since her surgery last month, they've been waiting for the results of her Oncotype DX test. These results will give them some idea of her chances for recurrence and help determine her course of treatment. Obviously, we're praying that the cancer's gone for good--so we're praying for a LOW-LOW-LOW number. If the number is low enough, she may be able to avoid chemo!

The appointment is Wednesday. Please join us as we pray:
  • for complete healing;
  • for a LOW number;
  • for confidence that the cancer will not return;
  • for God's peace to envelop them as they wait for these results.
We are so thankful they've allowed us to share this journey with them. We're also thankful for the medical advances that have made a test like this one possible. But more than ever, we're thankful that our hope is not based on what doctors can and can't do. Our loving Father is there for us, He hears our prayers, and He never, ever, ever lets go of us!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The shame.

And no, I'm not talking about the Cowboys, the latest Dallas team to head into the playoffs as a favorite and end up "one-and-done." Below is photographic evidence that as of Jan. 12, 2008, our Christmas tree was still up.

I have plenty of excuses (migraines, meetings, school stuff, church stuff), but none of them can change the fact that I blew right past my Jan. 2 deadline to un-decorate our house. Because of my shame, last week I grounded myself from blogging until the stinkin' tree was down and out of the house. Today, Jan. 13, all the Christmas stuff is FINALLY back in the shed, and the blogjam has been broken.

The paparazzo who documented the humiliation
(obviously distraught about this public display of procrastination)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Upholding our reputation as the CCP.

We're playin' basketball...

It's Upward time again! Both kids are playing Upward basketball again this winter.

We love lots of things about Upward, especially the spiritual emphasis.

We also appreciate that the games are indoors!

She shoots! She SCORES!

After each game, all the team members are awarded stars for their performance. For this game, Katie won the "best defense" star.

A few hours after Katie's game, we returned for Ryan's opener.

(This game could've been subtitled "Facing the Giants.")

He shoots! He SCORES!

Ryan won this week's "best offense" star.

Yea, teams!