Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy birthday to Ryan!

 Look who's 15! It's hard to believe our little Peanut is now FIFTEEN.

 To celebrate, we took a break from Memaw's hospital room to meet some of our family at Chili's for supper.

 It was great to get together with all these people who love our boy so very much.

 And Ryan loved all his cards and gifts!

It was so nice to take a moment away from the hospital craziness to celebrate our Ryan.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big time at Big Lots.

 You just never know what you'll find at Big Lots.

Tramp stamps!

Scary headlights gnome!

A dog bone that's NOT for vegetarians!

The dreaded upside down apostrophe!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bowling with Anne.

 What a treat to have Anne pay us a visit! It was great to have her in our home—and in our alley!
It was too hot to do much outside, so we took our longtime friend to our neighborhood bowling establishment.

 The bowling and air hockey were fun, but hanging with Anne was fantastic!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home, sweet home.

 After 13 days in Reno, I was ready to get home and see my precious family. Truthfully, I wasn't ready to leave the gorgeous weather and the amazing scenery, but even 110-degree temps couldn't keep me from home. 

I wasn't able to fly home after the closing ceremony on Friday, so a friend and I went to the movies and had one last meal out. Then bright and early Saturday morning, I was on the Silver Legacy shuttle, on my way to Reno-Tahoe airport.

After two weeks, I still wasn't used to seeing mountains in the distance! At the airport I took a few more photos of that horizon.

 Finally, finally, finally, I made it home. It was so good to see Brett and the kids in the baggage claim area. After some hugs, and yes, a few tears, we headed to La Hacienda Ranch for some lunch. Good ol' Tex-Mex: Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!

At home, I found these roses waiting for me on our kitchen table. Lovely.

Even lovelier? Being back where I belong.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reynolds Reno: Picturepalooza.

More photos from two incredible weeks in Reno:
"Fun with iMovie"
"Fun with iMovie"

On the scary bus ride to Virginia City, Nevada
The group at the Fourth Ward School, Virginia City, Nevada

Fourth Ward

Fourth Ward School

The restored classroom

Our guide

The printing press at Fourth Ward School

Just my type

Trying to find some rhythm to work the press pedal

Mark Twain Museum
Mark Twain's desk from his days at the Virginia City newspaper

Mark Twain Museum

Mark Twain Museum

Mark Twain Museum: Best seat in town

Mark Twain Museum

Mark Twain Museum

Mark Twain Museum

Virginia City scenery

Virginia City

Virginia City

Gold Hill Hotel
Dinner at Gold Hill Hotel
Ghost tracking at Gold Hill
Gold Hill Hotel: Old facade

View from Gold Hill

Gold Hill Hotel

Reporting assignment: Xfest
The Culture: Places group at Xfest

Sparkling Lake Tahoe
Tahoe: I was the most homesick that day. I couldn't believe I was seeing all of this beauty without Brett and the kids at my side.

Sand Harbor
Tahoe panoramic
Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

Lake Tahoe after sunset
Reno Gazette-Journal tour
RGJ advertising office
RGJ newsroom
Nameplates at RGJ
Ink vat at RGJ

View of UNR from Silver Legacy
Snowcaps as seen from UNR
Artown program along riverwalk
Nevada weather

The Lil' Wal: Nevada's answer to Eskimo Joe's
For Ryan
Our hotel
Silver Legacy at night
One of many fantastic meals (this from Hash House A-Go-Go)
The mine inside the Silver Legacy
Closing luncheon
Frank Mullen, RGJ investigative reporter
Lake on campus
The walk down Virginia Street from UNR to the hotel
The long walk down the 19th floor hallway
Rachel points out the scary monkey faces
Rachel and Alex

Wow! Lots of memories! I'm so thankful for my time in Reno.