Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hello muddah, hello faddah...

After first service this morning, we loaded up the people mover and headed to Oklahoma for middle school camp. Our campers were certainly excited!

Our 21 HCC kids are among 330 campers from across Texas and Oklahoma who have converged on the OC campus this week. I'm here as a "dorm mom," a post for which I feel miserably underqualified! My answer to most questions today has been "I don't know"!

Here's my room. By the time Friday gets here, I will have spent more time in an Oklahoma dorm room than I ever spent in an Austin dorm. How crazy is that? Except for three days of orientation at UT, I never lived in the dorms there. (Tower Manor, where I lived my freshman and sophomore years, had the feel of a dorm, but technically, it was an apartment building. Tower Manor was filled with Korean grad students and a bunch of us Church of Christ kids who attended UA across the street. Good times! But I digress...) At least my bedding reflects my allegiance even if my dorm tenure does not.

Behold the radio! Oooooooh! I carry a radio!!!

The last big group activity tonight was the "starlight devo." It was cool to see these kids end their day together by praising God. I caught a glimpse of Ryan, too! I've tried to keep my distance, but the few times we've made eye contact, I could tell he was having fun and did NOT want Mom to mess that up! Fortunately for him, he's not in my dorm!

And just because I can't go to sleep yet, I'll add this little clip:


Jenna said...

Have fun and get some sleep- Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Love the HP video.

Cheryl said...

You Rock! Keep the photos coming-- I miss Abigail Soo much!