Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lights out.

Some wind, huh? Funny thing, that wind. That wind split one of our two trees in half, and if not for the power lines leading to our house, half of that tree would've landed on our roof. So good news, bad news. Good news: Tree didn't hit roof. Bad news: Tree hit power lines. No power. Many sparks. Much wind. (Did I mention the wind?)

We'll be bunking with Brett's generous parents for a few days until TXU and a tree company can (a) clear limbs away from the lines, (b) remove both halves of our tree, and (c) repair the lines and restore power. Yippee.

We're stressed and just a little tired, but we know we're blessed to have a home-away-from-home to go to, and we're more than blessed that the sparks didn't catch our roof on fire. Amid the power surges, I made a few quick trips inside the house to get a few changes of clothes. Then I had the luxury of grabbing a few photo albums--just in case. There was no way I could get them all, so I put my "what if there's a fire" plan into action and grabbed the biggies: wedding album, wedding video, baby books and two special scrapbooks. I said a quick prayer that I was overreacting and that our house would not catch on fire, but wow, was I nervous!

Then at dinner Ryan asked if we were going to be OK. I counted the four of us around the table and said, "We're fine."

How fabulous it was this morning to see that yes, our house is still there. Even greater was to hear that TXU was finally getting around to our emergency (after dealing with many the wind had caused). Greater still is to know that we will get to go home--eventually.


Jenna said...

That wind was something! So sorry about your tree/electricity. Glad the wires saved your house! Were you home when it happened?

See-Dub said...

We were at Katie's basketball game when it hit the lines. When we first got home, we thought it was just a power outage, but then we figured out that we were the only ones on our block without power! Our kids were playing with neighbor kids not too far from the tree, so once we saw what had happened, we cleared everyone away and started packing up.

See-Dub said...
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Jennifer said...

Bless your heart! I'm so sorry to hear about that. I'm so glad it didn't catch fire and cause more damage. Hopefully it will get fixed soon so that you can get back home.

Jenna said...

I have to say that I love this blogging! Ryan said "Hi, Jenna" to me the other day! I don't think that he would have known my name if it was not for blogging. Made my day! I have "known" you for years but I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your family better through blogs. I feel like you are a friend now and not just an acquaintance.

Anonymous said...

Jenna, not only would I not know your name, I wouldn`t even know you were Chase`s mom! My mom (Charis) says I can update her blog someday. I love blogging too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!