Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dallas day trip, part 2: Dallas World Aquarium.

After lunch we realized the next train wouldn't be heading home for a few hours, which gave us the perfect opportunity to visit the Dallas World Aquarium. The name is a bit misleading; while there are aquatic creatures to be seen, there are many more land mammals, birds, etc. on display. Here is just a sampling of critters we saw:

Spoonbill stork


Homo sapiens sophomore and senior

Inhabitant of Monkey Island

Marmoset (maybe?)

No need for the sign. We are NOT touching the sloth!

View from the women's restroom

Suddenly hungry for Froot Loops



See the monkeys?

THERE they are!



Another bat


Stingray or placemat?

Another sloth

"Tanks" for the memories

It was an amazing place, and it was wonderful to get to share this new experience with Nana and the kids.

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