Sunday, August 24, 2014


One of the newer songs we sing in our instrumental service is especially resonating with me today. “This Is Amazing Grace” talks about that unearned grace our Father has shown us, about his constant and steadfast love. The electric guitar echoes that with its steady heartbeat of a line. The lyrics are powerful, talking about bring order out of chaos, light out of darkness. So many good words, so much truth. But lately, it’s the line at the end of the bridge that really gets to me:

“Worthy, worthy, worthy.”

“Worthy” I am not. As summer ends and the busy-ness of school begins, all my shortcomings seem to surface. I’m prone to angry outbursts. My pride wins out over selflessness. I doubt. I’m petty. I feel the weight of everything I think I’m supposed to control, and in my arrogance, assume I am in charge of my life. I try to rely on my own resources instead of turning to the source of all I am or ever will be.

But HE is worthy. He, the faultless One, suffered so I could receive a life I do not deserve, both now and in the afterlife. 

Worthy is the lamb who was slain,
And worthy is the king who conquers the grave.
Worthy is the lamb who was slain,
Worthy, worthy, worthy!

Even when I feel worthless, the worthy One gives me hope. He nourishes me, he fills me, he makes me worthy. Because I am his, I can live day to day knowing that he values me. Even when I fall, he is there to help me see the better way of life he has in mind for me. He has set me free from my failings, free from my many limitations.

Lord, help me to find my worth in you. Thank you for your amazing grace, your unfailing love. You are worthy, worthy, worthy.

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