Saturday, June 03, 2006

Meet the kitties.

Introducing KitKat...

and ChaCha!

KitKat and ChaCha are sisters and look an awful lot alike. ChaCha has little white streaks down her nose (they look like paint) and a black spot on one of her hind paws.


First, a confession: I'm a dog person. Always have been, thought I always would be. Then KitKat and ChaCha came into our lives. B and I are still terribly allergic to them, but these outdoor cats have already given us so much joy! We spend more time in our backyard just watching them play and run around. The swing we bought two summers ago has never seen so much use! We'll spend hours just swinging and talking "kitty talk" and trying not to howl as a cat claws her way up to the seat, using a bare leg as her ladder.

A few times the kittens have run away, sending our household into a near panic, but so far, our kind neighbors have helped return them to their home. We started out with them in our gazebo, but now that they're free to roam our backyard, they tend to stay around or under the deck. Most mornings, I start my day by checking the "chitties" (as B has nicknamed them), and until I see both of their furry little bodies, I can't do much else.

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