Thursday, June 22, 2006

Superheroes and Pink Things.

Yesterday we made our annual trek to Six Flags. It was a pleasant day: The crowds weren't too bad, we had a few rainshowers to cool us off, and the new rides were welcome additions to the park. We were pleased to see that the Six Flags folks are finally cashing in on their Warner Bros. connection and incorporating the DC superheroes into the park. We had barely made it inside the front gate when we met Green Lantern...

and the Flash, of course!

We rode all but one of the new rides and enjoyed them thoroughly. They're billed as "family friendly," and our family found them to be just that. From Crazy Legs...

to the Batwing...

to our old favorite, the Sidewinder (formerly the Scrambler), we enjoyed the carnival-type, go-around-in-a-circle rides. Then there were the spinners, such as the Cloud Bouncer (in which you can spin your gondola as your hot air balloon lifts you) and the teacups (with the Spanish name I can't recall--something de los Tazas, I think). Both let us spin ourselves around as much as we wanted. (Not recommended for visitors with full stomachs.) A few bouncy rides like Boot Scootin' and Rodeo were more fun to ride than they first looked, and the Acme Rockin' Rocket was fantastic, like the Conquistador out of control, rocking higher and higher until finally flipping us upside down.

We all got to ride our favorite rides, but K was sad to miss out on the Batman ride. She was just millimeters too short, but she overcame her disappointment by riding the other coasters we love: Titan, Giant, the Judge. She and I also had two rides on the Superman Tower of Power. Wow! That was breathtaking!

Both R and K were thrilled to win stuffed snakes since the teenager at the "Guess Your Weight" booth couldn't tell exactly how much they weigh, which led to sophisticated parkwear such as this:

We couldn't leave before we got in a little shopping at the Justice League store...

and of course, we had to get our Pink Things (even if the price doubled from $1 to $2 since last year):

Because this year is Six Flags' 45th anniversary, the park was decorated with old photos from years past. By the Tower, for instance, there was a picture of the old slide. It was neat to see those glimpses from the Six Flags of our youth, just as it was interesting to see a glimpse of our future, just eight years away:

We're exhausted today and our feet are more than a little sore, but we still love Six Flags and will look forward to next year.

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