Friday, November 24, 2006

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving...

OK, so I know the Christmas season isn't supposed to start until AFTER Thanksgiving. What can I say? I just love all the trimmings! Because it's so much trouble to get everything out and up, I'd like to enjoy the decorations for as long as possible! Usually I like to decorate right after Thanksgiving, but I'm on my way to Austin this morning (Friday), and I couldn't wait until Saturday to do it.

Brett spent part of the gorgeous Wednesday morning cleaning the gutters, so he helped Ryan and Katie onto the roof to check out the view. Our deck makes it easy to get up there, and he was oh-so-careful to help them climb.

Brett also unloaded all 17 of our Christmas boxes out of the shed so I could get to work on the decorations. ChaCha, who usually spends her days outside, meandered into the sunroom to see what all the fuss was about.

It took me a while, but I finally got the tree put together. The kids helped me decorate it.

We brought in boxes and hung ornament after ornament, and ChaCha just "watched."

It wasn't long before we just got goofy about how much we love our tree!

And Miss Santa Claws kept "watching"...

As the goofiness (or delirium?) continued, Ryan imagined what it would be like if his attempts to reach the highest branch were unsuccessful. Here is his action sequence from that imagined fall:

Even with all that drama, ChaCha kept "watching."

By the time I ran out of daylight, the outside decorations still weren't up and the kitchen had yet to be stocked with the Christmas dishes, but the sunroom, fireplace and piano were decorated. Whew!

Here's the sunroom BEFORE:

and AFTER:

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