Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Only on Easter can I get my sweeties to pose with each other.

Of course, the posing didn't come without some crack-ups!

After a wonderful (if not glitch-free) Easter service at HCC, we were off to Nana's for lunch.

Soooo good!

The rain from earlier in the day subsided, so our annual egg hunt was on! And yet again, we had a ridiculous number of plastic and boiled eggs to hide.

Duke was such a good dog! He watched all the festivities from a truck bed.

The hunt got pretty intense! The kids were even looking under umbrellas and digging in the dirt!

Poor Prince! He didn't get any candy. Still, I think he enjoyed all the commotion in his backyard. I know we sure enjoyed the holiday family fun!

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