Friday, April 29, 2011

More Sounds of Spring.

A week after heading to the waterpark to see Me and My Monkey, we headed back for another tribute band: Petty Theft.
As the name suggests, this group pays homage to the great Tom Petty. It's fronted by sports radio host Mike Rhyner.

Ryan opted out of this outing, but Katie went along for the music and sunshine.

I was pretty tickled just to have the chance to hold my sweet husband's hand for the evening.

We're big Petty fans, so this concert was filled with sing-along moments. Tons of fun.

The bonus: Fireworks! Because of bad weather a few weeks earlier, the fireworks were rescheduled for this night. The musical accompaniment even included Katy Perry's latest single: "Firework."

So I guess you could say we had a BLAST!

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