Wednesday, January 01, 2014


2013 ended with sorrow, and this new year, like the last, finds us grieving, struggling to find our way in this brave new world without a certain loved one. Historically I've struggled with post-holiday (not to mention post-football) blues, and now January offers some tough days ahead: my mom's birthday (the 9th), Papa's (19th), and mine (which will never be the same without Mom).

So this New Year's Day, I'm lacking the sense of renewal that usually shows up on Jan. 1. Worse, I can't shake this feeling of dread. So much loss. So many changes. Will we be able to weather whatever's next?

I already know the answer: Of course we will! I just have to get my head to convince my heart. 

Until then, I'm thankful for a belly full of Nana's cooking, an abundance of sweet memories, a little white puppy at my feet, and the truth behind this song:

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