Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nashville mission trip, part 3: Night out on the town.

Built into the Week of Hope itinerary is a night out. On Tuesday, July 8, our group headed to downtown Nashville to check out the Broadway scene. Some sights we saw:

Nice view of LP Field from the parking lot

Street detail

Hunka hunka selfie

Gotta stop and take a selfie
And another selfie for my fave KISS fan

Our dinner destination

Ace Frehley's guitar (again, for Brett)

Elvis' suit and Dolly's

Cyndi Lauper outfit

Dinner crew

Checking out the Broadway scene

Family band of street performers

I remember coming here with my parents in the '70s.

Seeing all the Grand Ole Opry stars' photos on the wall
brought a tear to my eye. So many family memories!

Browsing the country and bluegrass selection
(Katie bought Dolly Parton and George Jones CDs!)

The AT&T Building (a.k.a. Batman)

Fun stop after strolling up and down the street

Riverside devotional to wrap up the night out

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