Thursday, January 17, 2008

This has been a good day.

Wednesday was Group Picture Day at school. By definition, the day after Group Picture Day is bound to be good. Being in charge of photographing 37 student groups as they parade through the auditorium at 10-minute intervals? Not so great. The day after? MUCH better.

So this Thursday was a good day at school, but when I got home, it got even better.

After dinner, Brett suggested the kids use some of the gingerbread cookie dough we'd never gotten around to baking at Christmas. Voila! Instant family fun!

The chilly weather combined with the gingerbread-in-the-oven aroma made for a cozy night in our happy little kitchen. I even got out my favorite Snoopy mug for some hot tea:

And on the back of that mug? A perfect summary:

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