Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Three ministers walk into a sound booth...

Several of our HCC ministers showed their true colors Wednesday night when they found out that I'm celebrating a "big" birthday this week.

One minister, who shall remain nameless (because we have entrusted our children to him), at first was courteous, treading lightly around the subject of aging. But within moments, he just had to let it slip that he's about half my age! (Ouch!)

Then there was the minister, also remaining anonymous (because otherwise he'll call me out next time he's leading singing), who immediately began listing a litany of ailments sure to befall those of us entering our fourth decade of life. (I'll have to blame my aging eyes or arthritic hands next time the wrong lyrics show up on the big screens.)

But then there was the one minister who ever-so-sweetly asked, "You're turning 30, right?" Oh, such wisdom! Such grace! That MUST be why he's known as the "senior minister."

(Or maybe it's because he's used to dealing with us seniors?)

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Brock Paulk said...

What about those ministers who walked into the booth and were smart enough to leave well enough alone?!?