Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Canine cousin.

Frisco's not much of a swimmer, but her cousin Coal surely is!

Kelly and Coal came over, and Coal had no problem jumping right on in!
Isn't he proud! Too bad he always swims directly to his mama, Kelly. She was all scratched up by the end of the afternoon.
Frisco was pretty concerned by it all. She really didn't want to get in the water.
In fact, when Coal started swimming, Frisco ran around the edge of the pool, barking like she wanted to save him.
Coal is a regal swimmer. He swims like a horse trots!

But not our Frisco! Brett threw her in the pool just to calm her barking down. She swims like a champ and straight to the steps, but she's much happier on the side than in the water. Besides, it's much easier to get your ears scratched when you're out of the water than when you're in, right?

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