Monday, July 13, 2009


While Ryan was at Camp Cornerstone, Katie and I made our own little trek northward to visit Oklahoma City and Uncle Mike.

The fun started in Gainesville, where we stopped to shop at what's left of the outlet mall.

Not long after we crossed the Red River, I got a call from our friend/real estate agent. He had good news for us: a buyer had accepted our counter-offer! We had contract #3 to sell our house! With my mind racing, thinking of all that would need to be done in the next month, it was hard to imagine relaxing for a few days on the road. But once we got into OKC, I took a brain-break and just enjoyed the time away from home.

As we were driving into the big city, we passed through Norman.

I asked Katie, "Why don't we pull over and take a look at the ou campus?"

"Ew! WHY?!" was her response. (That's my Texas girl!)

In any case, we did set foot on the land thieves' land.
As we drove toward the visitor center, I made the comment that the campus was certainly pretty.

"It's ugly in MY eyes," Katie said.

We were definitely strangers in a strange land!
The visitor center had already closed for the day by the time we got there, but we did get to see this cool statue.

From there we drove on into OKC where we ate dinner at our traditional fine dining establishment:
Cracker Barrel!

We also paid a visit to the new Half Price Books store. We wanted to say hello to the assistant manager there! After visiting with Uncle Mike, we made plans to meet him for lunch the next day. Then we were off to get settled in our hotel. Aaaaaaah...

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