Saturday, October 02, 2010


My favorite day of the football season came a little early this year. It was perfect fair weather, and with a 2:30 kickoff, we had time to see the fair before heading into the Cotton Bowl for the game.
We've spelled Texas with Fletcher's corny dogs and wax cups, so this year we used another State Fair staple: coupons!

This sign has always bothered us! I think we may be misinterpreting it.

Of course, we began our day at the fair with a visit to the Fletcher's corny dog stand.

The breakfast of champions!

Back inside the food court, we met up with some of our tailgating friends.

It was fun to share this Longhorn Experience with these folks!

We also had to get in on the whole "fair food" experience, too. T couldn't resist trying the fried beer.

These little ravioli-looking things had beer (yes, in liquid form) inside them.

And the verdict?


Before the game we had time to wander over to the NFL Experience set up in front of the Hall of State. This was all in preparation for DFW hosting the Super Bowl in January.

Next we moved inside the Hall of State for the big Tom Landry exhibit.

Landry's UT memorabilia

A trophy from the New York Giants defense

Sideline clothes, including the coat worn during the Ice Bowl

A fan made this amazing door.

This part of the exhibit told us that Tom Landry Highway bears the only interstate markers with a symbol on them.

Of course, the items on display had to include that symbol, Landry's famous fedora. The whole exhibit was a fascinating display of his clothes, awards and newspaper clippings, but it made me miss Coach Landry all the more.

Elsewhere in the Hall of State, we found images of Texas football over the years, including this picture of the Bell Blue Raiders.

It was nice to see Colt recognized, too! (He and Sam Bradford were mentioned as Davey O'Brien winners.)

After a quick walk through the midway and a stop in the food court, we made our way into the stadium.

It's always amazing to see the orange and red sea outside the Cotton Bowl right before kickoff. So. many. people!

Now THAT'S a wall-to-wall band!

The game certainly had its exciting moments,

and if not for a muffed punt late in the game, we might've come back to win the thing. But no.

Yet again, we refused to let football ruin our football weekend! And thanks to the 2:30 kickoff, I still had time to make it to one more stadium before the day was done...

(Actual post date: 11/30/10)

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fgoodwin said...

I really appreciate you posting the pix of the Tom Landry exhibit. I'm a UT grad ('77) and a big Cowboys fan but I live in Oregon and was not able to see the exhibit. Through your pix I got a least a sense of how the exhibit must've been. Thanx again,

Fred Goodwin
Salem, OR
UT '77