Saturday, September 25, 2010


The hot mess of our Texas spelling should've warned us of the debacle that was to follow. I tried to spell Texas in honey since Bruins love honey, but ew, ew, EWWW, it didn't work. Nor did my team, apparently. The lopsided loss to UCLA was only the beginning of our Horns' long, slow circling of the drain. We didn't know it then, but that loss was just one of SEVEN we'd endure before the season ended. It's just crazy to think that a mere nine months earlier we were playing for a national championship and now can't even win our way into a bowl game.

In spite of our pitiful on-field performance that day, we still had a great tailgate, made especially special because Ryan and Katie were with me. Plus, because of an unfortunate family emergency, my niece and nephew-in-law got to go to the game with us.

After the game, Cara and Jeff invited us over for dinner at their new house. It was fun to see their sweet homestead and play with Jasmine and Wrangler (even if Wrangler did get some pizza before we did!).

In spite of the game's disappointing outcome, we were so very glad to spend time with Jeff and Cara. Far be it from us to let a little thing like football get in the way of our Austin fun!

(Actual post date: 11/28/10)

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