Saturday, December 10, 2011

Super Saturday.

 Nov. 12, 2011

Brett was out of town for this weekend, so it was awfully convenient that I had the Longhorn Network to keep me warm!

We still don't have LHN through our satellite provider, but this was an all-access weekend. Oh. My. Goodness. Longhorn Network is a must-have for all us orange-blooded folks. I tried to soak up as much LHN as possible. (And yes, I even slept with my laptop on the bed!) It makes me crazy that U-verse can't work out a deal to get us our LHN.

I did manage to break myself away from the computer long enough to take Katie to phase 2 of her region band tryouts. Afterwards, we stopped at the Mommy Park to walk/run/swing. As we were leaving, Kelly and Coal stopped by to say hello.

We thought it was cute that Coal immediately went to the van to look for Frisco.

Later that evening, I took the kids to our favorite yogurt shop, Blue Cherry. It was a tasty way to end a relaxing Saturday!

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