Saturday, December 10, 2011

Texas game 8: Tech.

Nov. 5, 2011

Katie and I woke up at early-30 so we could get to Austin in time for a good pregame breakfast.

As we looked out our balcony, we could see these SA buildings lit up in the darkness.

 In ATX, we made it to our favorite breakfast destination: Kerbey Lane Cafe. I feasted on the California omelette while Katie enjoyed vegan pancakes.

From there we were off to the tailgate, where we spelled Texas with—what else?—tortillas in honor of Texas Tech.

 It was a gorgeous, sunny day, so Katie was rockin' the hat.

 So maybe the sun had some effect on us...

 As part of the Veterans Day tribute, Texans who had been killed in action were recognized. How sad that once again, we recognized one of those honored. Michael Roberts graduated from RHS. In fact, he played tuba in the band.

 A fly-over was part of the tribute, too. So impressive—and LOUD!

And here are a ridiculous number of photos of Fozzy and company running roughshod over the hapless Red Raiders:
He gets the ball...

and it looks like he's stopped,...

but he emerges from that pile,...

and falls into the endzone! Touchdown, Texas!

Now it's Bergeron's turn to break one.

One of many times that the "Wild Fozz" worked.

Even though Ash is open in the endzone, Fozzy keeps it...

and breaks tackle after tackle...

to score yet again!

This time Fozzy hands off to DJ Monroe...

who heads to the sideline...

before turning up field...

and scoring another Texas TD!

Although McCoy and Ash played QB, Fozzy got a bunch of snaps!

Love those stats!

 At halftime, we got to see the view the Airborne guys had as they parachuted into the stadium. Amazing!

Love this guy's jersey: Section 1.

Obligatory defense shot. (Pass was incomplete, by the way.)

Hook 'em! Time for "All I Do Is Win" and "The Eyes."

After the game, we did the best we could to escape postgame traffic. We ended up stopping for dinner at a Cracker Barrel around San Marcos. While there, we got the text we'd been waiting for: RHS advanced to the finals! WOO-HOO! We were glad to get back on the road to see "The Diary" one more time.

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