Thursday, June 27, 2013

Campin' Katie.

Katie returned from church camp on Friday, June 21, overflowing with stories about what an awesome week she had. Saying it was her best camp week ever, she was sad it was over.

Never one to stay still for too long, a short two days later, she was back at camp, TCU band camp this time. Since I don't tag along for church camp, it was a real treat to help Katie get settled in her dorm room. It helps me to be able to picture her environment while she's away, you know.

Once her bed was made and her audition was complete, we walked around a little. 

Hook 'em!

Frog Fountain

Great atmosphere! This campus has changed so much since
I attended a journalism camp here waaaaaay back in 1982.

That Thursday night, we attended the camp concert. It was fun to get to see not just Katie but a couple of our church friends, too.
Concert band, featuring Katie's friend E.
The concert band director is a friend from my early days in DFW.

Katie sighting!

Symphonic band

Front and center!

The concert was incredible; these kids did a great job learning this new, HARD music in just four days.

Afterwards, we were ready to load up her stuff and enjoy dinner with friends.

Poor quality photo, but I'm NOT missing a rare "hug shot."

Katie checks her "look" in her phone.

Katie with her longtime friend, B
Of course, band camp wasn't nearly as much fun as church camp, but she's still grateful for the experience. So are we! We're so proud of how hard she works to improve as a musician.

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