Saturday, June 15, 2013

Celebrating a SUPERDAD.

Because Katie was heading to church camp on Father's Day, we honored Brett a day early. 

We called Brett downstairs, and when he arrived in the kitchen, he saw this:

Brett's gifts included some DVDs that Ryan picked out and a whole mess of Justice League/Flash items from Target's summer promotional aisle. (And yes, we all agreed that the table looked more like a little kid's birthday party than Father's Day, but whatevs.)

Brett opened his cards and gifts, and then we feasted on cake (using Justice League plates and napkins, natch).

Of course, Brett's longtime interest in comic books and superheroes inspired the theme, but truly, he is a SUPER dad.

He leads our family with love and strength, and his work ethic is a great example for Ryan and Katie. We love him and thank God for him!

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