Sunday, June 02, 2013


Fifty years ago today, my parents were joined in holy matrimony at San Marcos' Calvary Baptist Church. Mom was 19 at the time; Daddy was an "old man" of 20.

Even though as young adults they probably didn't know what they were getting into, they both honored the vows they took that Sunday afternoon. When they said "in sickness and in health," they meant it. "For better or worse"? Meant it. "'Til death do us part"? Yes, indeed.

Daddy died just a few months shy of their 30th wedding anniversary, and Mom missed him profoundly for the rest of her days. She always tried to plan distractions for herself on Sept. 6 (his birthday), April 1 (the anniversary of his death), and June 2, their day. While I tried to support her on those occasions, June 2nd was the one day that I felt I could offer her little comfort.

I hate that we're not throwing my parents a big anniversary party to celebrate, but even so, today isn't as painful as some of the other milestones have been. June 2nd was always their day, and this year, for the first time since 1992, I know my mom is spending her wedding anniversary free from pain and sadness. She is experiencing nothing but joy, pure joy.

My mom and dad kept their promises, and better yet, our Father does, too.

June 2, 1963, was just the beginning of an incredible love story. So on the 50th anniversary of that wonderful day, here's to love, here's to commitment, and here's to Jim and Nancy.

From their wedding album, the big day:

The bride

The groom and his ushers

Mom with her brother (who gave her away)

Think Daddy's a little nervous?

The wedding party. Mom's sister Sherrell was her matron of honor.

And pages/photos commemorating their engagement: 

Mom and Dad with some of their married friends

The engagement announcement

Shower notice

The invitation

A letter from Daddy's Uncle John,
who ended up officiating the ceremony.

Their first home:

The album pages and photos may be yellowing, but my parents' example of marriage will never fade. What a blessing!

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How beautiful! Thank you for sharing!