Friday, November 06, 2015

Muy Bueno.

If you've ever wondered why Brett and I dine at Taco Bueno each October 27, here's the story.

It was a Wednesday night, October 27, 1993. Brett picked me up from school, ostensibly so we could go to church later. We grabbed a quick bite at Taco Bueno, and then our plans changed.

"Let's take a gander at that ring you like."

And with that, our course was set. We headed to the Montgomery Ward in Northeast Mall to check out the engagement ring I'd oh-so-subtly hinted that I wanted. When I saw it in person, I realized it wasn't "the one" after all. That led to us traipsing up and down the mall corridors until we landed at Gordon's Jewelers, where I found the perfect ring, the one that I've now worn for 22 years.

But when we picked out my ring back on that October night, Brett hadn't even proposed yet.
He wanted to wait for the perfect moment, for a romantic setting befitting such a momentous, life-altering question. But for us, committing to each other was all the perfection we needed, even if we were smack-dab in the middle of a suburban shopping mall.

Here's what I wrote in our wedding book:
"It took stops at two separate benches, but he finally asked me outside Dillard's, in front of the shoe store, across from the cookie place. After a giddy 'YES!' and a very public kiss, we drove to Brett's parents'. His dad wasn't home, but Chris and Cara wanted us to come see their jack-o-lanterns. After that side trip, we returned to the Weiss house. With his parents listening in, Brett called Mama and asked if he could marry her daughter. Tears and hugs made our parents' blessings official, and telephone lines across Texas started buzzing with the news."

In honor of that fateful night, we continue to mark our engagement anniversary over plates of Bueno Chiladas, rice and beans, and the Original Red salsa nearly every October 27. 

Who knew fast food Tex-Mex could be so sweet?




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