Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ups and downs.

One minute my heart is racing as Katie and I talk about her college plans. I picture us hoarding Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to outfit her dorm room. I envision her strutting around campus, loving every bit of her newfound freedom. I imagine the excited phone calls, hearing every detail about her classes and new friends.

The next minute I can hardly catch my breath. Empty nest? Really? But I'm not through with this whole child-rearing thing. I LIKE having my kids at home. How am I supposed to parent from afar? It's hard enough with Ryan living in Austin. How will my heart bear having my children living in two different cities, neither of which is my own?

This is my roller coaster.

LCU Chap Day
Katie and I spent a great weekend at ACU, and several weeks earlier, we had a fun time at LCU Chap Day. It's not hard to get caught up in the rah-rah hoopla, and it's surprisingly easy to picture Katie as one of those grown-up-looking college kids traipsing from dorm to library. But when the campus tour slows and I have a minute to process what's going on, it all hits me. The countdown is on. In nine short months, we'll be moving Katie to a new home away from home.

I'm grateful for my friends who have already sent their babies to college. They know the ache I'm already anticipating, but they reassure me that it will get better. They also wisely suggest I focus on enjoying THIS phase instead of worrying about the next. And wouldn't you know it, our current sermon series at Heritage was custom-made just for me: "Why Worry?"

So I pray. I focus on the excitement. I look forward to impromptu date nights whenever the heck Brett and I feel like it. And I climb in, fasten my seat belt, and lower the lap bar.

I always liked roller coasters anyway.

ACU Wildcat Preview Day

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