Thursday, November 05, 2015

This was Halloween. Again.

Halloween? Yeah, we're fans. 

For years Brett has set up a table on our driveway, complete with monster movie trailers, comic books for the kiddies, and of course, CANDY.

It's neat to hear repeat "customers" recall the comics they took home last year.

 Brett and Katie turned our front yard into a cemetery (I think the shovel's a nice touch),

...and I added a few old pals to our front porch.

In addition to greeting "trickers," we also welcomed about 20 teenagers into our home. Katie's Halloween parties are epic, as evidenced by the great costumes.

Katie went as a college rejection letter (now THAT'S scary!). 

Everyone had a great time, but after the last guest left, we were all a little sad that Katie's last Halloween before college had already passed.

It's true that Halloween won't be the same when she's living in another town, but when it comes to this holiday, we have no regrets.

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