Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Look, Mom! It's movie snow!"

For once, I did NOT want a snow day. Today was supposed to be Group Picture Day for the yearbook. Months ago I had booked the school auditorium and a photographer so we could get group pictures of most campus organizations today. I woke up earlier than usual to get to school, thinking I was prepared but wanting to be sure. The schedule was made, my helper students were excused, my sub plans were ready, I was ready. But before I could even get to the shower, Brett said, "I think I heard sleet."

Oh, no. Not today.

I looked out the front door, checked the news, got the word, and yes, I grumbled about the terrible timing. But then I got to wake up Ryan and Katie, raise their blinds and watch both of them react to the snow. Wheeeee!!!!!!!!!

A little bit later, Katie saw the huge flakes falling and compared the flurry to what she's seen in movies. I was SO thankful to be home!

Time to take a deep breath, slow down, grab a book and enjoy.

Of course, the kitties enjoyed getting to come inside for a bit, too. KitKat outstayed her welcome when she helped herself to Ryan's breakfast!


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Jenna said...

One of our kitties does the same thing. She also likes to knock over milk glasses on the table!! Our other cat has much better manners! My boys were very excited about the snow. We didn't venture out in the cold!! You are braver than we are.