Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All in the family.

This afternoon we finally got a good look at KitKat's other kittens. It's wild to see the three of them together, a nice little monochromatic scale from black to gray to white.

We think we've identified the father!


Angi said...

awwww! adorable! David would want that striped one if he saw it! I love the spectrum!
I miss having pets! so cute and fun. looking forward to the kids being big enough to take some responsibility for a pet...
but right now can't seem to get them to quit leaving their SHOES everywhere. I swear we spent so much time looking for shoes because they are scattered in random rooms and places.

Chris said...

Wow - I am overwhelmed by the cuteness. So overwhelmed, in fact, that I all of my statements are reduced to inanity:

Seriously, those are some cute kittens.

Jenna said...

So cute!! I love that white one!!! I would beg for it but we do not need any more pets! Did you know that cats can have kittens in the same litter that have different fathers? A vet taught me that once. He also taught me that any cat with at least 3 different colors in her coat is always a female. I am done with the interesting cat facts of the day.

See-Dub said...

I had heard that each litter could come from more than one father, and we're wondering if Casper has a different dad. There are two males always hanging around, and one is white with some gray.

I hadn't heard about the 3 color thing!