Sunday, May 06, 2007

Crop 'til you drop.

This weekend I was lucky enough to join nine friends from church for a B&B scrapbooking retreat. This particular B&B, in Mabank, is specifically for scrapbookers, and even though my paper cropping days are nearing an end, I actually got a bunch done!

I cropped in this room, the Piggy Parlor: I got 60 pages done (well, almost--I still need to journal and add titles via PC at home)! That's major progress for me and my lame cropping skills. This weekend helped me make a major dent in our vacation album. Of course, in our room we also watched movies and chatted just a bit.

The rest of our crew worked in the Cropping Barn:

In addition to scrapbooking, we also enjoyed fabulous meals and the services of massage therapists. What a treat!

In the evenings, we could visit near the fire in the patio fireplace.

And then there was the relaxing view of the country:
Friends, fresh air and fun: Just what the doctor ordered! A big thanks to all the guys who made this happen!

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