Tuesday, May 01, 2007

T-shirt Tuesday.

T-shirt Tribute #7

Oh, how I love Lyle! I've been to more Lyle Lovett concerts than I can count (I'm in the late teens), and only instant sell-outs and exhorbitant ticket prices have kept me from his shows lately. "That's Right (You're Not from Texas)" is one of my all-time favorite road tunes, and I get tickled when it's blasted from Godzillatron (the massive scoreboard) during UT pregame warmups.

This T-shirt I bought off eBay, but since it's stretched out into an odd, ill-fitting shape, I've hardly worn it. Since it was dusty from lack of wear when I pulled it off the shelf, I decided I could let it go. Besides, Lyle will always have a place in my heart--and in my cyber closet!


Tami said...

I LOVE YOUR T-SHIRT TRIBUTES! They provide such insight to your interesting past...


Anonymous said...

I didn`t know you had those shirts!!!!!!!!