Tuesday, May 15, 2007

T-shirt Tuesday.

T-shirt Tribute #9

It's almost here--the coconutty smell of sunscreen, the messy goodness of ballpark nachos, the fizz of gnats bumping into the porch light.

When summer finally arrives, so do music camp and VBS. It won't be long until I'm laid off from one job and jumping headfirst into volunteerland. This week's shirt dates back to the first Midtown VBS I helped with. This little Joseph guy showed up on everything: pillowcases, labels, nametags. I especially remember the hours spent making Joseph nametags for all the volunteers.

With seven school days left (plus a workday and graduation), I am SO ready for summer to get here! It's great to have more time with Ryan and Katie at home and at events like music camp. And what comes with those summer church activities? More T-shirts!

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Jenna said...

I remember the hours I spent making puppets for that VBS. I think we still have the pillowcase around here somewhere.