Friday, July 13, 2007

Invasion of the Webkinz.

With its bright colors and cuddly creatures, THIS is a website you'd never guess could be so appealing to preteens:

Ryan and Katie are both caught up in Webkinzmania, and they're having a great time! Their cousins and some friends in small group had introduced them to the concept (get a stuffed animal with a special code, go online to take care of said animal, play games to earn Kinz Cash to pay for food, clothes, furniture, toys, etc.). This summer they finally got their hands on their own Webkinz, and they're now budgeting their computer time so they can get on the site!

In addition to budgeting their time on our PC, they also have to decide how to spend their Kinz Cash. Their pets' health, hunger and happiness are tracked online, so there is some amount of planning and responsibility involved: a good thing! Another plus: Both kids play well together when it comes to this website. They like to watch each other play, and they're pretty good about taking turns logging in.

So hurray for Webkinz!

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