Sunday, July 01, 2007

A super Sunday.

It started with a story in the Star-Telegram. Brett saw an article about the Modern's new exhibition of Ron Mueck's work. One of his pieces in the Modern's permanent collection is already one of our favorites, so mention of this special exhibit caught our attention.

Mueck creates sculptures of people--old, young, male, female--that have incredible detail, but they're not to scale. They're either tiny or enormous, but in either case, each hair, vein, blemish or patch of razor stubble looks amazingly real! (And a word of warning: Many of his creations are nude, and the figures are all out there! If you're wanting to expose your kids to modern art, you ought to know that these works of art are not short on "exposure"!)

We knew we were long overdue a trip to the museum and thought this might be one show Ryan and Katie could enjoy. Then we realized that this was the first Sunday of the month: FREE admission! So a plan was born: After church and lunch, we'd take the kids to the museum.

At first we couldn't decide where to eat, but then Brett remembered Dos Gringos, which happens to be right across the street from the Modern. We could even see the museum from our table!

From our table we could see gobs of people going in and out of the museum, and sure enough, after lunch we found ourselves in good company once we went inside.

Turns out the Modern is a great place to be when our daily rain hits! The water that surrounds the building and the views from the gallery's glass walls made even the nuisance that is this rain seem like art.

As for the art itself, we saw several of Mueck's works, including these two:
(We couldn't take pictures inside the museum, so these two come from a Brooklyn museum's website.)

After spending a couple of hours inside with the Mueck show and the permanent works, we headed outside to one of the kids' favorite sculptures ever:

A giant echo chamber, Richard Serra's Vortex yields some pretty amazing sounds! Just add three Dubs!Again, it's so nice that the kids are old enough to enjoy some of our favorite activities. It's great to know that they appreciate the art (and are mature enough to be in the same gallery with nude sculptures without freaking out).

We loved our visit to the Modern!

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