Wednesday, February 13, 2008

V.E. Day.

Happy Valentine's Eve! I was surprised when I got home from work Wednesday to find flowers and valentines from my sweeties.

Brett gave me the gorgeous roses and a wonderful card, and Ryan and Katie gave me valentines, candy, a "kiss me" button, a snow globe and a dollar (for Sonic!). Too sweet!

I had planned to save the valentines for Thursday, but with that welcome home, I just had to let R&K get their presents a little early:

Even though the kids are getting older, I just can't resist getting them animated stuffed animals for Valentine's Day! The toys crack me up, and seeing the kids with them makes me laugh even harder.

After the gift exchange, we headed to HCC for a delicious (and CHEAP!) Valentine's dinner followed by Wednesday class: What a great sneak preview of Valentine's!

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