Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The "check it, chicken" look.

Lately Ryan's been giving me this look when I've caught him eating chicken strips at a restaurant.
I call it his "check it, I'm eating chicken strips again" look.
Doesn't matter what else is on the menu. The boy loves his greasy, fat-encrusted poultry.
But as he reminded me today, this look is not new! In fact, he traced its origin back to Sept. 11, 2007, when he first made this face at Dos Gringos in Fort Worth:

That's my boy!


Jenna said...

It is funny, I could swear that I have seen that same exact look on Brett!

Laurie said...

You mean that does not get better with age??? That is about all Brady will eat. I was hoping he would grow out of it and start trying new things!

See-Dub said...

VERY rarely will he try something else on the menu. Fortunately, we eat much better at home!

Katie's much more adventurous at restaurants, but that started just in the last year or so!

Uncle Mike said...

No need to swear, its definitely an homage to Dad.