Saturday, October 17, 2009

Game 6: Texas 16, ou 13.

It was a gorgeous day at the State Fair! As we were entering, we fell in behind Bevo, the giant Texas flag and Smokey:

WOO-HOO! Nothing like seeing those Texas traditions on the fairgrounds to let us know that Texas-ou had arrived!

We said hello to Big Tex, but our first destination was the Fletcher's stand closest to his right boot.

BREAKFAST! Dede and I had our first corny dog down before 8!

From there we wandered down to the College Gameday set:
Later on some more of our friends showed up, ready for their own "breakfast of champions"!

Can you tell we like the Fletcher's corny dogs? So what if it's only 8:15 a.m.?

We later took our party into the food pavilion where we met up with some other Longhorn Experience-ers. It was good to visit at our "traveling tailgate."

Back outside, Gameday was really rolling. Dede and I stayed there until it was time to make our way to the Cotton Bowl.

Our seats were in a corner and on the next-to-last row. We were right where the new upper deck meets the older part of the stadium. That overlap gave us a good view—and vertigo!

Yep! We were pretty high up!
The Pride of Oklahoma
LHB's Wall-to-Wall Band
Shotgun Texas

The PoO played sci-fi music, including the theme from Transformers.
And the LHB did its popular video game show again!

I love, love, LOVE the Mario part of the drill!

So the game. Oh. My. I can't ever remember feeling so disgusted and uneasy after a win over ou! At one point I was sure my head was going to explode if we threw one more short pass on third and long. Thank goodness for Muschamp's defense!

Darrell Royal's "Ol' ugly is better than ol' nothin'" has rung true all season long, but never truer than today. Our lack of offensive production was, well, OFFENSIVE, but when the game was over, the boys in burnt orange took home that Golden Hat.

And then it was time to wade through the crowd to get home!

The orange (and red) sea!
It took a while, but we worked our way around the Cotton Bowl to find the guys in the food pavilion and then to spend the rest of our food coupons.

Then it was time to bid goodbye to the State Fair of Texas and the best football weekend of the year. We'll be back in 2010!

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