Saturday, October 24, 2009

A real treat.

On Saturday night Katie and I headed to HCC for the annual Trunk of Treats. Matt and the host of volunteers did a wonderful job hosting this event with its estimated 6,000 attendees. It was MASSIVE! Everywhere you looked, people were having a great time, and kids and adults alike were wearing the coolest costumes.

What was even cooler was the response I heard from one of our guests. She came up to me and a friend and asked who our senior pastor is. I told her, half expecting her to complain about something. Instead, she told me that she'd been hurt by a lot of Christians, and that it'd been years since she'd even considered herself a Christian. But, she said, she has a friend who goes to Heritage, and between her friend and what she's seen when she's visited us, her opinion of Christians might be changing. Now how cool is that?

We pray that this event and others like it will let our neighbors know that we're here, we're friendly and we have much to offer them and their families!

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