Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time change.

And I don't just mean Daylight Saving Time! This Halloween was different for our family because for the first time, we didn't take the kids trick-or-treating.
Well, that's not entirely true. We did take Ryan and Katie to Memaw's and to Nana and Papa's for some treats.

And we took their Halloween pictures in Nana and Papa's living room like we've done since they were babies. But you notice anything unusual about Ryan's costume? As in, he doesn't HAVE ONE?!

Now that both kids are in middle school and Ryan's an actual teenager, we figured we might have exhausted our trick-or-treating days, but when Katie was invited to a Halloween party, that sealed the deal. From Nana's house we stopped by a neighborhood haunted house and then dropped Katie off at her friend's. Then it was back home to greet kids at our own door.

Brett and Ryan made a few more stops at our old neighborhood to visit with some friends, and they circled our new neighborhood to snag some sweets (Ryan at least managed to find a mask), but mostly, we had our fun giving candy to the gobs of little kids who rang our doorbell. (My favorite line: "Tonight's Halloween! Halloween is FUN!" You got that right, kid!)

So we've reached yet another milestone with our kids. Gone are the days of roaming the neighborhood. The personalized pumpkin baskets have been retired. Thank goodness we at least have pets to dress up!

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