Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring break escape: Day 1.

Desperate for a get-away, we headed north of the Red River for a quick spring break trip.

Our first stop: Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, home of the world's greatest pecan pies* and this:
Brett and I had visited this place a few years ago, but we were due a return visit.

Among the thousands of action figures and other collectibles is this diorama:

It's supposed to represent an adult collector's bedroom since no kid could afford all those figures! We mentioned how we could stare at that display for an hour and still not see every little thing.

Katie really liked the case with wrestling figures.
Apparently she has inherited her great grandfather's appreciation for wrasslin'.

Many of the larger figures were decked out for spring break: TOYS GONE WILD!

This was our first time to see the GI Joe set-up.

These sets of DC/Marvel Comics figures were new to us, too.

It's fun to see so many action figures in one place, including all the variations of a particular character, like the TV, movie and animated Batman figures.

Brett liked this display of robots and aliens.

The Star Wars wall is impressive.

We remember some of those Batman cereal boxes up there! It's neat that the museum also has boxes from Pizza Hut's Episode 1 promotion.

The diorama gets most of the attention, but this is the museum creator's favorite place:


Brett with Kevin Stark, the artist who began the museum with his own collection

One section of the museum is dedicated to military figures:
We were glad we detoured off 35 long enough to revisit the museum!

While at the museum, we asked the volunteers there where we should eat lunch. They recommended Mimi's:
For $6 we could have chicken fried steak or chicken and dumplings plus FOUR vegetables!
Talk about delish! It was wonderful comfort food, and everything—food, service, crushed ice—was excellent.
Yo, yo, yo, it was good!

After lunch we headed through some residential areas to find Field's Pies, home of the "world's greatest pecan pies."
This factory is past several neighborhoods and feels like it's on the edge of town.
To get our pies, we made use of the drive-through (and yes, we had to "honk for service"). Then we had the big debate: Which pies to buy? Brett was getting the pecan, but I don't do pecans. At one point we actually considered buying pecan, pumpkin, german chocolate and lemon chess, but four pies for four people? Even on "vacation," that's excessive! We settled for pecan and pumpkin. The pies were frozen, so we had to wait a big before we could test them out. (Well, we also had to wait until we found some plasticware, too, but if those pies hadn't been frozen, I wouldn't have put it past Brett to dig in with his bare hands!)

From Pauls Valley we drove northward and stopped in Norman and Moore to shop at their Vintage Stock stores. Brett and Ryan are huge fans of the chain with its used movies, games and CDs. After the Moore stop, we found a Whataburger where Brett got himself a knife and some forks.
At long last, it was PIE TIME!

The kids and I passed on the in-car dining. We figured we could wait until the pies had defrosted a little bit more.
Brett, though, had had pie on his mind since we'd seen the "world's greatest" billboard on I-35 hours ago. That boy was not waiting a minute more. His verdict?

*Thumb-lickin' good! He said it was truly excellent pie, but he'd have to say it's the world's SECOND greatest pecan pie. His mom's still has that title!

Of course, that didn't keep us from re-enacting the "world's best coffee" scene from Elf: "YOU DID IT! Congratulations!"

So after the pie stop, we visited a few more Vintage Stocks and then made our way to Half Price Books in OKC to visit Uncle Mike:

After getting in a quick visit and some hugs, we were off to our hotel for—yep!—pie and a swim. Dinner at Cracker Barrel followed, and then we collapsed in our beds, worn out from our busy day.

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