Sunday, April 04, 2010

An Easter blessing.

Having the chance to worship God always blesses me, and getting to worship with my Heritage family is special. But being there on Easter Sunday was EXTRA special this year.

More than 1,500 souls came together to honor our Lord and celebrate his gift, our savior, and it was a Spirit-filled time of praise.

On a much less important note, we were glitch-free through two services in spite of the (literal) drama and multiple videos. Now we know how many A/V techs it takes to run an Easter service: all of us!

Still, with all three of us in the sound booth, I knew we were still down a man. As is the case whenever I'm in the booth, I really missed my friend. It's been 3 1/2 months since he ran "the board" for the last time, but I can feel his presence in that spot more than any other. Still.

During that Easter service, as I sat on the left side of the booth for a change, something caught my attention. At first I thought my eyes were fooling me, but it was there. In the sheet music files, one label didn't have room for the full song title, "Come, Now Is the Time to Worship." Instead, it says,
"Come Now Is The Tim"

Now THAT made me smile! And I just thought it was only in my imagination that I was seeing Tim in the booth! I still struggled to get through the day without letting my grief overwhelm me, but like I said on Facebook:

"This year more than ever, I need to celebrate Christ’s victory over death. Even though we struggle with our grief, mourning those who have passed from this life, we KNOW that death doesn’t win. Easter gives us a special day to shout to all the world: 'He lives, and so can we!' I thank God that our celebration doesn’t have to end when the bunnies and baskets get put away."

Thank you, Father, for Jesus. Thank you for life after death. And thank you for the life of Tim Head.

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Tami said...

I read this the other day and have waited to comment. I find it weird that I think of Tim so often, when I feel like I was a fringe friend of his. We met with the "new" realtor (as you probably saw on FB) the other day and I felt like part of my heart was missing. Tim was different. This guy wasn't him. When I read your post, I felt uplifted, but even now, as I sit here in my office, I am crying and people are walking by wondering why. Maybe it is that too much has happened in the last year or maybe not, but is it just me or is it still a bit unreal?

At any rate, the picture you took makes me smile and remember that he would have laughed. I did have a flashback of a conversation I had with him when he asked me about having a Heritage Hee-Haw. Only Tim. :-)