Friday, April 23, 2010

Monkeying around.

Brett and I are pleased to have passed our Beatlemania down to Ryan and Katie. When I saw that Me & My Monkey, the tribute band, would be playing nearby, I knew we were so there.

After school on Friday, we picked up our traditional picnic-in-the-park food (Popeye's) and found ourselves a good spot.

We explored the crafts area for a bit before settling in for some tunes. Many more people filled the parking lot by the time the band took the stage.

The guys don't look all that much like the Fab Four, but they sound SO much like them. It was uncanny! The "Paul" guy was a real sound-twin.

It was unbelievably pleasant that evening! We had been afraid we might get rained out.

At different times during the concert, people would get up to dance. One lady in particular was REALLY feeling it.
And to think, no alcohol was permitted at the site!

The encore, "Twist and Shout," really revved up the crowd. We were sad to see the concert end.

What a fun night! Now that we know how good these guys are, we'll be looking for our next opportunity to catch their show!

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