Saturday, April 10, 2010

Letter to an old friend.

Dear University of Texas campus,

I know it's been a while since I've visited you, but you know how it is: busy, busy, BUSY! At least work gave me the excuse to pay you a visit. Isn't it convenient that you host our state high school journalism convention?

It's nice to get to go "home," to walk your hallowed ground and spend some time learning once again inside your classrooms.

It made me more than a little wistful to see the stadium, some five months to go until football season. But hey, you and I both know this structure will ensure my return to you come September.

I love the way we can reminisce when I visit. In one building I saw this reminder of my former employer (the Clayton Foundation) and landlord (Dr. Bill Shive). It's nice to have that since the Experimental Science Building where I worked for so long was razed a few years ago. Do you miss the ESB as much as I do? That building held a lot of history and was one of my favorite bits of trivia: The ESB was as long as the Tower is tall. Cool. Anyway, I'm sure you smell a lot better now that the ESB is no more. Wow, did that place stink!

Your ol' biology pond has been cleaned up a bit since I walked the Forty Acres, but even when it was scruffier, I loved to check out the turtles.

And the Tower? It still looms large—in my memory and my pictures! A friend asked how many pictures I've taken of the Tower, and I'm certain that number's in the thousands by now. But really, it speaks to me, and I answer by pressing the shutter button.

Until next time, my dear campus,



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