Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy new birthday, Katie!

For those keeping score at home, you may be thinking I'm WAAAAAAAAY behind on my blogging if I'm just now getting around to Katie's birthday. (Actually, that's not too far from the truth, but I digress--which may be why it takes me oh-so-long to write posts.)

No, this Sunday was Katie's new birthday. She told a crowd of witnesses that she believes Jesus is the son of God, He died for her sins, and she's ready for Him to lead her life. After that confession, she was immersed in baptism.

Her youth minister, Brock, did the honors.

We love the baptistery in our church building. Since it's in the Great Hall and not in the Family Center (auditorium), friends and family can be close to see the baptism.

And with that, my daughter is now my sister!

Since before she was born, this has been our prayer for Katie: that she'll grow in the Lord and someday choose to follow Him. It is such a blessing to see her begin her life in Christ.

We were glad Papa, Nana and Aunt Kelly could be there for this special occasion!

Of course, Memaw was there, too.

In addition to family, we were surrounded by our church family.
It was wonderful to share this day with so many who have served as spiritual mentors throughout Katie's childhood. It was also special to hear from so many Facebook friends who are as thrilled as we are that Katie has made this decision.

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