Sunday, January 02, 2011

Wowzers! It's 2011!

I can't believe New Year's Day has come and gone! And what a day it was! Katie and I spent the morning in Pasadena to see Ryan march with the All-Birdville Band in the Rose Parade.

(This shot's from the local paper.)

(So is this one.)

(This one I took. Several trees in front of our grandstand cast some pretty stark shadows!)

It was unbelievably exciting for us to be there to see the band's big moment, and it was a bunch of fun for us to follow the kids to some of the SoCal tourist destinations they visited.

I still have a ton of photos to edit, and Katie took hundreds, too. And then there are Ryan's pictures, which I haven't even seen yet (even though I'm dying to see what he shot)! Until I can get actual blog posts written, here are some Facebook photo albums from our first day in Cali.

Float Decorating
Santa Monica Pier

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