Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All in the family.

Dec. 11, 2011

For years we have paid a visit to McGregor, Texas, during the Christmas season. This year was no exception.

While the setting and the attendees may change, the spirit never does. We eat, we visit, we reconnect, we celebrate the season.

In recent trips the ping pong table has been a big draw, getting us outside:

Inside, conversations abound:

And Katie provides a musical interlude, this time with "fluteboxing":

Self-portrait with my giant son

Ann Cooper (a.k.a. Ann Coopers). Oh, how we miss her!

Papa and Aunt Velma

Brett and his cousin (and our host) Dana

A staple among the cousins: video games

One year I slept through most of our visit, stricken with the early stages of flu. Another time I was in the throes of morning sickness and thought everything and everyone smelled awful (especially those Corn Nuts my nephew was eating in the van). A couple of times the McGregor folk have traveled north on 35 to celebrate with us in the DFDub. And several times we have mourned together as we observed our first Christmases without special loved ones.

But every year, we're reminded how blessed we are to celebrate this special time of year with our family in McGregor.

Past McGregor Christmas posts:

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