Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dub family Christmas.

 Dec. 17, 2011

While Dec. 25 is our foursome's "real" Christmas Day, this annual gathering is almost as sacred. We get together with Brett's parents and siblings, eat taco soup, and open presents.

This year our special family Christmas night was even "specialer" because we added three foster nieces to the mix. It was so much fun to have little ones underfoot again!

Here are some of the photographic highlights:
How long can one fancy light string last?
Katie plays and fluteboxes Christmas carols.

The guys take a breath between conversations.

Memaw opens her gift.

Nana admires her Scrabble coasters
(a Pinterest project from Cara).

Ryan is delighted with his Jeff
Probst bobblehead (a gift from Jeff).

Uncle Mike dons a Mavs Santa hat in lieu of his usual bows.

The precious and very busy Miss Two seemed
to love the little picnic basket we got her.
She even used it to hide her contraband,
Nana's dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses!

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