Sunday, January 01, 2012

A new attitude.

On this first day of 2012, I resolve to make no resolutions!

OK, so that's an old joke. Still, I'm changing my m.o. this time around. Instead of just listing specific behaviors I plan to enact, I'm focusing on adopting a few general attitudes this year.

Which goes along with one of my new attitudes: cutting myself some slack. Who needs that fear of failure hanging over your head? I'm still mad at myself for not blogging every day during NaBloPoMo. Seriously. Chill out, Weiss. As long as I'm still pointed in the right direction, I'm good. If I fall short, I'm allowed to dust myself off and start again.

Speaking of fear, this year I'm choosing faith over fear. As 2011 neared its end, I found myself filled with dread instead of hope. It's hard to be optimistic about a new year when recent challenges are following us into 2012. The uncertainty of it all terrifies me. But this year, when I feel that crippling fear settling in, I will remember who I am and WHOSE I am. I also pledge to remember all the other "impossible" situations that our Father saw us through. And I'll believe.

I'm also choosing gratitude. In my heart I know I'm blessed, but my head sometimes dwells on what I don't have. It's past time to change that. From time to time, I plan to post things that I'm thankful for. Some may be significant, "deep" concepts, some may be trivial, but all will be reasons to smile. I initially thought I should plan to post daily, but then I remembered: I'm cutting myself some slack this year. Deep breaths. OK.

So here goes!

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